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February 8, 2011 / bradhovis

7th Grade Emotions

When I was a youth pastor, I used to find incredible amusement from watching the “drama” of junior high girls in our student ministry. One moment there was silly banter among their friends, the next, passive aggressive posturing complete with tightly crossed arms and glares across the room that meant war. What was the reason behind such action? Usually something insignificant like a boy or joke that was taken the wrong way.

It wasn’t until Monday that I realized that my emotions as a church planter are very similar. I get excited when we have new guests, sad when our offering is low, delighted when someone “gets something out of the sermon,” and then devastated when it snows on Super Bowl Sunday and attendance is lower than expected. I might as well sit in a corner, cross my legs, and vow to never speak to him…err…the church again.

I have to repent of making my joy fixed on something besides the wonderful work of Jesus. If His grace is really sufficient, then I must not be seeing the beauty and wonder of the gospel fully, instead I’ve substituted a ridiculous idol (church attendance) as more majestic than Jesus and His work. Shameful. Dangerous.

Jesus, you have given me much more than high church attendance. Forgive me of silly idols and my worship of them. Help me see you as more delightful than all others.



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